Community Ambulance Services:
PEMS first focus is emergency medical care for the communities in which it operates. Every community has a unique set of needs and PEMS provides a professional, cost effective solution. PEMS offers two levels of services:
  • Basic Life Support – BLS services consist of two PCP’s (Primary Care Paramedics) on the ambulance.
  • Advanced Life Support – ALS service consists of at least one ACP (Advanced Care Paramedic) and one PCP on the ambulance. ACPs have a wide scope in which they are able to operate under. ACPs have the ability to treat heart attacks, trauma patients, administer medications and intubate (tubing the airway to support breathing).

Inter-facility Transfers

PEMS provides ALS, BLS and NAT (Non-Ambulance Transport) transfers to hospitals and care centres in their regions. Many patients will need to be transferred to other hospital for tests, higher level of care, surgeries etc. PEMS ALS transfers are able to accommodate very high needs patients and can call in additional staff in certain circumstances.

Event Standby 
PEMS provides on-site stand by medical care for special events. These events consist of motocross races, road bike races, cart races, rodeos, oil patch work, plant turnarounds and large community events. Both ALS and BLS service are available for standby. PEMS can also provide staff for on-site clinical events.

Working With Other Agencies
PEMS also works closely with a variety of other agencies. Staff work directly with the RCMP in various situations such as motor vehicle collisions or when a patient may be violent. PEMS also uses STARS when transport time is critical. When STARS is utilized, PEMS has stabilized the patient(s) and then turns care over to STARS for rapid transport to a hospital in Edmonton. PEMS also works with other ambulance services when the need arises.

In The Community
Prairie Emergency Medical Services (PEMS) takes great pride in the communities in which it operates. PEMS believes that each community has a unique set of needs and strives to meet those individual needs.
One of the programs that PEMS takes pride in being involved with is the PARTY PROGRAM where junior high school students are educated about the dangers of high risk behaviours. PEMS participates with the Party Program coordinator, the RCMP and the special guests to help the teenagers learn to make good decisions.
Other ways that PEMS gets involved include: blood pressure clinics, sponsoring sports teams, attending community events and helping the local swimming pool and fire department with medical equipment training.
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